03 March, 2018

"Raud" Jaan Märss

Põnevat ning harivat lugemist rauast ja terasest, nende saamisest ja kasutamisest kuni restaureerimiseni.
Jaan Märss on Tallinna Linnamuuseumi konservaator.

Loe: http://jaanmarss.planet.ee/
või : http://jaanmarss.planet.ee/juhendid/metalli_restaureerimine/raud.html

Pildiotsingu jaan marss tulemus

Pildiotsingu jaan marss tulemus

04 July, 2017

Eesti sepad. Estonian blacksmith by Jun Ishikura


PhotographerJun Ishikura
PrizeSilver in Portraiture / Culture
Entry Description
I went to Estonia about one and a half years ago. Then my friend who I met by chance there introduced me to one blacksmith. When I got into his workshop, I was fascinated by the place: The place was like another world that I have never seen just like steampunk. Since I met him I have visited Estonia twice. Every single time I go to Estonia I take photos of craftsmen I met and also other blacksmiths introduced. The reason why the craftsmen charmed me is that in the developing civilization, manufacturing has been automated but there are still some people who create something by hand. Somehow I feel the works which were manually made but not automatically with machines are valuable. I would never have deepened my friendship with them if had been just machines . I can't communicate with machines like with people so far now. I have been taking many photos of craftsmen. And this time I chose blacksmiths from among many craftsmen. Because I felt like I found a part of our culture which we are losing in Japan in a country far away from our country.
About Photographer
Jun Ishikura is a photographer based in Japan. He captures a variety of sceneries through his camera lens. He usually researches the subjects to understand their background and history when he takes their photographs.